Know our Story

We are a Portuguese low volume supercar manufacturer focused on innovation, technology and engineering.

With a past focused on investments in research and development of projects in the sports car industry, in 2019, Adamastor decided to reposition its business on the development of a supercar.

Adamastor is a new low volume supercar builder, based in Porto, Portugal.

Our HQ includes a new technological development center and workshops.

Through the reinforcement of our team with professionals coming from the automotive industry and the development of an international network of partnerships, Adamastor is able to ensure access to the best motorsport technologies, equipment and components.

We are driven by the desire of building a competition car.

A state-of-the-art in terms of efficiency, which will allow us to win in the GT category and, at the same time, launch the Road Legal version. In a near future, we want to compete in the 24H Le Mans